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by Karim Attia; June 2007. These are my notes from a four-day full-time course run by the BBC for training people in the operation of the standard issus HD mini-DV Sony Z1 digital camera.  This camera is relatively cheap, simple to operate, and returns tolerable quality images.  For these reasons, it is pretty ubiquitous in the TV industry. NOTES: •    WHAT’S THE STORY? •    WHAT’S THE ACTION? •    WHAT ARE THE SHOTS? •    SHOOT FOR THE EDIT! Before leaving base: 1.    Check Kit (including menu settings) 2.    30sec test recording 3.    Always set to DV/DVCam mode NOT HD Before taking the shot: 1.    Shutter Speed (always set to 50fps) 2.    Framing (Rule of Thirds, Looking Room, etc) N.B. loss of border in view-finder! 3.    White Balance (WB) 4.    Exposure (Zebras set to 70%, ND filters, Gain) 5.    Focus (Push Auto, Expand Focus) 6.    Sound (XLR) 7.    Safety 5secs to speed Hold every shot at least 10secs Labelling Depth of Field (DOF): the zone in which things appear to be in focus.  Established using zoom and exposure. On a Z1, the hyperfocal distance (the setting that results in almost everything being in focus) is 0.9-1.0 meters whilst fully zoomed-out (very useful on fast-moving/unpredictable shoots, or where time is limited).  Also, the more light the better, as this will require a closed down/narrow iris/aperture e.g. ...