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Ideals e.g. Communism, Christianity, Islam, etc all fail due to one common factor – the nature of man.  Like other ideals, Democracy was born strong and beautiful, it had a glorious start but, like other ideals, has become dilute and corrupt with age.  Like other ideals, democracy now exists only as a dream, a memory, a fantasy for the naive to aspire to and defend; for the aware to lament.

Today ‘democracy’ is a designer-label used as a sop to the masses – a beautiful illusion used to beguile people into quiescence.  Behind this label, the truth is that the democratic vote is dead because we no longer live in a democracy (more accurately, the blend of democracy has become very diluted).  We live in a capitalist society where influence over the course and nature of society is directly proportional to the resources one has.  This, however, is no cause for despair, quite the opposite.

No system is perfect.  Moreover, no system can remain static.  Democracy has simply evolved.  The four-yearly vote for a limited choice of dubious and duplicitous candidates has been replaced by the dollar vote.  In a society governed by consumption HOW one consumes affects one’s society.  Therefore, every dollar one spends is a vote for more of the same.  Therefore, EVERYBODY has some degree of say in their society EVERY DAY.

Of course, this favours the rich few but, in brutal honesty, no widely successful system has ever existed that didn’t.  However, there is a difference between the emerging system and the systems of the past.

Modern communication – the Internet – allows the poor masses to co-ordinate their actions as never before.  In the past such mass co-ordination, from the bottom-up, happened only in times of revolution (usually precipitated by widespread famine).  Today the same revolutionary power can be generated in a non-violent way.  The balance of wealth is on the side of the many with little, not the few with much – it just requires that they come to value/believe in their contribution.  Perhaps freedom and happiness can be bought after all…

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