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Letter originally written to an MP’s aide as part of a longer correspondence.

I don’t believe that the ‘democratic vote’ means much anymore.  Blair, in particular, but leading politicians of every hue, do what they like irrespective of pledges and public opinion, thereby undermining any notion of democracy.  Also, as government power seeps increasingly into the hands of non-elected business, the relevance of government declines.  Thus, the value of the ‘democratic vote’ diminishes in direct inverse-proportion to the increasing value of the ‘capitalist vote’ i.e. the currency in one’s pocket – each pound spent is a real and immediate and daily (rather than once every four years!) vote for the provision of more of that product, or service.

In a society such as ours, that is only nominally democratic, the ability of the consumer to influence is greater than the ability of the ‘voter’ to influence.  Naturally, this does mean that the wealthier you are the more influence you have, but this, in truth, is the way it has always been under any system throughout history.  However, whereas the ‘swinish multitude’ were always at the mercy of the well-organised and motivated elite, they are now better educated and can pool their resources/co-ordinate/motivate as never before, thanks to the internet.

Also, as the importance of central govt declines in favour of business/corporations, the importance of the remaining power structures increases: the judiciary and the civil-service (both non-elected organs).  The necessity for an independent and impartial press also increases.

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