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Even a long life is a short time…I want to make damn sure that everything I leave the worms is well worn – what’s the point of having a mind and a voice if you don’t use it?

Everything alive today is the end product of a long hard struggle – you and I were 13 billion years in the making…thus ALL life is precious, even more so because life is brief and death guaranteed.

Each life is an opportunity.  The opportunity we human beings have is far greater than that of any other living thing known to us because our powers of consciousness and communication are godlike in comparison to our animal peers.  To waste these gifts, or suppress them in others, is a crime against ourselves, all those that came before us, and all those that will follow.

This site is for personal expression, to store and share discoveries, and to stimulate me to do more of the same in a more structured and rigorous way than I currently do.  I hope that others may benefit from sharing my journey.

Unless otherwise stated, all materials on this site may be reproduced and disseminated without prior consent.  However, I retain ownership and all rights.  Except where explicitly noted, all opinions expressed are my own.

Thanks to WordPress.org for the wonderful blog architecture, Jason (WPelements.com) for the great theme, Gyom Séguin (Last Soundtrack) for the beautiful font (‘Bleeding Cowboys’ from dafont.com) and the friends who helped my techno-dumb-ass get this up and running (you know who you are) – CHEERS!

1st September 2008